Scenes-n-Nature manufactures taxidermy supplies for professionals and amateurs alike to create realistic habitats or other displays with ease and even replicate antler velvet. All of our products build on each other for the best results every time. These innovative products allow you to match any animal's natural environment and construct a completely unique mount.

    What some customers are saying...

    Bob "Hutch" Hutchinson, Award-Winning Master Taxidermist and World Show Habitat Judge

    After trying these products, I am amazed by what Woodland is doing with their Scenes-n-Nature line. These materials are top-of-the-line. We are going to be able to do so much more with these products. I can’t wait to see what else they have to offer and how this will impact taxidermy moving forward.

    • Taxidermy Nature's Terrain on a Bear Habitat

    Chip Stamper, Missouri Taxidermy Institute

    Success is, always, in the details. Using the Scenes-n-Nature Static King and Nature's Fiber to construct the details required for commercial taxidermy is effortless. I can recreate antler velvet in-house and achieve incredibly lifelike moss and plant detail in bases. The device is revolutionary in the taxidermy industry, giving me the ability to add the texture of perpendicularly suspended fibers. The learning curve is short and fun. I've enjoyed introducing it to students and watching the immediate gratification of professional results.

    • Taxidermy Nature's Terrain on a Coyote Scene
    • Taxidermy Nature Fibers on a Duck
    • Taxidermy Nature Fibers on a Bear Habitat